no matter how many words there are, there will never be enough.

always the telepathic kinds

today marks my 7th year in WordPress, ever grateful and blessed.

life has grown heavier, more stress, added responsibilities, figuring out life and how complex it is, but it has been more real and raw than ever before, people come, people go – some stay, some move on. managing time and sleep and work and food and leisure and relationships – has never been this hard.

but all the while – you never left.
there was you and I,

and i wouldn’t have it any other way.


Wait for it

28b05befadd62e0037242c9b22fd1116The final “How I Met Your Mother” episode came out on my birthday, April 1. I was so ecstatic to watch! But due to some personal demands, I had to postpone watching the finale. Weeks have gone by, summer has gone, and there I was, re-watching every single episode from season 1 – 8. Although I had all the power in the world to download the episode and watch, something inside me just pushed the thought further in my head, like it was waiting for something, like a sign, perhaps? I don’t know. All I knew was that I wanted to watch, but seemed that I can’t. I never had the initiative, or maybe, the courage. Maybe watching that finale meant losing a part of my life I’ll never get back. If I watch that finale, then what? I won’t be waiting eagerly for another episode to come out. I know it’s just a TV series, but it has taught me so much about life, love and reality that maybe books can’t even begin to explain. It’s not just a show, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a bond. And in every beautiful tear shed, or smile shown, every act from HIMYM does justice to the reality that is life, that we can’t always get what we want, that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, that our lives may begin to drift away, and everything might change, but if you will it, your friends will always be there for you. And an hour ago, I watched the finale, I don’t know what willed me to it but I just did. I felt like it was the perfect time, for an ending.


To nine beautiful seasons, to the inside jokes, to the most awesome gang in the world, to the life I’ll never get back (or so i think), thank you. And may the memories we have never fade, I bet it never will, I have it saved on my hard drive. ūüôā

Top Ten

This post, so far, may be the shortest today. Mainly because of the fact that I feel unproductive and slouchy. Oh well, we all have days like that.

Lately, I’ve been blogging about the most sentimental things about life. And sometimes, I find it boring. So, today, I want to do a different kind of post. A musical one. I checked up on my playlists and I got the Top Ten most played artists/bands recently. Or not recently.

In no particular order:

1.) Ed Sheeran

2.) Sia

3.) Incubus

4.) Boys like Girls

5.) Paramore

6.) The Temper Trap

7.) Coldplay

8.) Death Cab for Cutie

9.) a tie between The Killers and Thirty Seconds to Mars

10.) a tie between Regina Spektor and Ellie Goulding

How about you? Who are your top ten artists? (so far)


And so called as, quickpress, this is gonna be quick. Hence the name, okay. There’s this song by Death Cab for Cutie, and they have this song called “Transatlanticism”, and apparently, I don’t know what it means. The song just gives me chills. ‘Nuf said. It’s one of those songs that just makes you feel lost, in a good way. I’m listening to it right now actually. And it never fails to amaze me. I guess only a few people ( in my perspective ) knows this song, which is a good thing. Ha-ha. The guitar chords and the vocalist’s voice is pure awesome. Hands down.

oh college

What can I say? College college college, is yes, awkward, is strange, is funny, is seriously difficult, is life-changing, is money-spending, food-tripping, wannabe-rockstar life. Ohkay, that explains a lot. Well does it? It’s been four weeks, I guess since I last remember I entered college, and it has been four productive yet freaky weeks. Still adjusting to the environment, and to the dust, I feel okay. Which is quite normal. We study every single day to lessons that aren’t really discussed. We eat lunch for 10 minutes. Because we are damn hungry. We walk and walk and talk and talk, but I still eat more. Friends are quite rare to find, but once you do, you turn bazerk. Well right now I have a bunch of friends, but originally there are just four of us, very different, and yes i say again, VERY DIFFERENT from each other, in a way or another, we all just jam and stay together, because that’s what we should do. College is somewhat a carnival, I guess, you get lost to the parade of food stalls available. Thirsty here, Zagu there. ¬†Shawarma here, Waffletime there. Fries here, Chicken there. Donuts here, and I am there. Trying to resist the irresistible aroma of the foods mentioned. An irony it is, how I wanted to be a college student so bad, and now that I am one, well..I guess I can say I’m okay with it. Studying in USC is a precious opportunity, the facilities speak for themselves. The school truly holds its reputation. But some parts of it don’t. But over-all it’s quite okay. Soooooooo, being a Psychology student is very very interesting. Psychology itself is a¬†wondrous course in our minds. How could I possibly know how reality evolves to ourselves? Our minds are like a big jigsaw puzzle. And a very complicated one to tell you. But very very interesting. Maybe it was a good choice for me to take up Psychology, mainly because being fascinated with people’s attitudes and gestures make it enough reason. But surprisingly, you don’t get to study life, or humans, or behavior, but you get to study yourself too. I often ask questions in my mind, about this and that. And it’s really nice knowing that these strange questions will be answered..soon. Like, when you swim for 5 hours straight, then after stopping, you still get to feel the waves in your body. Well how do you explain that? Haha, knowing our professor, interesting indeed. And cool. And awesome. That is why when I memorize terms or well, let’s just say it, “study”, I understand the lesson, not just merely memorizing word-for-word, which is exactly what I want. Enough about that, other subjects are nice too. But not as nice as Psychology. Math, English, Filipino, History, ReEd, PE, old ones still roam around in the world of college. Sociology and NSTP are new ones, and I’m still wondering what these two subject’s purpose is. To sum it all up, College maybe is just like high school, but now, you’re on your own. Everything will let you down, but you have nothing to lose. Oh College..


I don’t know. Something about this song is just very addicting. And its mv is just, touching. Oh my. Why? Why now? This was like 10 years ago or something. Maybe I just had a little bit dramaness in me today. Anyways, we have no class! Yipee! All my problems just went away and I’m here, doing everything I want! Isn’t that amazing? Yes it is my dear. But… the one thing is, no money. No money means no food, no food means no future, no future means death. Nah I’m just kidding. It’s been a long week, yknow why? We all had our exams. That means, craziness. And yes, Physics was the easiest. Easiest to fail! Haha! I mean, come on! You don’t expect 15, 16 year olds to learn about projectile in a snap! Nuh-uh. Frustrations of a 16 year old. Real funny. But hey that’s true. We really had a hard time coping up with every subject to another. Plus we all have our personal problems and nitty gritty secrets. So it’s just a big crazy week. Good thing, I’ve been strong. And I’m quite happy about it. I just realized I have the ability now to balance everything in my life, because 2 years ago I would just give up on everything and start again. But that’s not my priority now. Taking back to the title, I don’t know. It just seems really weird and strange why I love that song now. It’s really freaking me out. Just like the other day, I was washing the dishes and went upstairs but the moment I stepped to the last block, everything went black and my heart went nuts! It was pounding like crazy. You know I hate darkness. Most of all darkness when I’m alone! Whew. I ran to the laptop area and just sit in the corner like a little child. I was devastated. I was shaking and I couldn’t think. You’ll say I’m a chicken. Well news flash for you, everyone has his or her own phobias. That’s the truth. And being in the dark is my top three. Oh what the. I’m supposed to talk about the title! Haha. And now I can’t think of anything! Good! Maybe I’ll have other ideas later. Ciao.

Music is my Sanctuary

That’s true. I love music. I love a lot of things. But nothing feels good as listening to music, drowning yourself to the melody and it’s lyrics. I also have a lot of favorite songs. I could not memorize all the bands and all the songs that I love. Technically, I am a frustrated singer. I mean, I know how to sing, but maybe I wasn’t confident enough to try in the music scene. Because I know I will suck. I will, not that I suck. I think I will suck. Compared to all those talented people. Oh come on, this is supposed to be happy talking. Right? Anyway, my favorite band is Paramore. I have lots of favorite bands but this is my most favorite. Is there such? Haha. Kidding. I love their songs, and I memorize the lyrics of their songs. I feel like I can relate to it. And also because their vocalist is totally awesome. Hayley Williams. Actually, there was a time when I followed her hairstyle, but it sucked. Maybe because I wasn’t so cool like her. Naaah. We’re all unique. In the other side, I like acoustic, rock, mellow, alternative, country, metal you name it! Any genre of music is acceptable in my world. How about in yours?