Ever since I can remember, I’ve been told several times to think about my options, weigh them, and make my decision. For years, that’s what I’ve been doing. And I’m not stopping now.

When you come to think of it, this world has nothing else to offer but life – the cycle of struggles and triumphs, everything that we go through every single minute of our lives. So when I was asked if I believed in heaven or eternal damnation, I blurted out naked thoughts about my faith.

Personally, it’s not that complicated for me. I don’t actually believe in heaven or hell, or purgatory or wandering souls or just things like that. I mean, it’s interesting to watch shows about it, read about it, but when it came to my beliefs and opinions, I keep mum. Not because I didn’t believe in it, but because I have my own belief on it.

Let me tell you something about my belief.

I don’t care if people believe in heaven or hell, or life after death. But what I do practice and utterly believe in, is that you do good things because simply, it’s the right thing to do. You don’t say, “I do good things because I believe heaven’s waiting there for me.” Amidst all the debates and all the documentaries about religion and how you live your life, I believe we do not live life by complicating life, I think we should all just take a deep breath, and do good things for the sake of doing good. It’s as simple as that. Well yes, we do bad things too, but it wouldn’t generalize the fact that we can do better, we can be better, that’s why every day we have a chance to turn it all around, that’s why we don’t give up on our hopes and dreams and aspirations, that’s why God has given us this life not to overthink about how to live it, we just enjoy the ride and make it worthwhile.

I know you’ll think I’m just doing this just because everything in my life is doing great right now, *knock on wood*, and yes, I am thankful and grateful for everything that has happened to me, good or bad. But I will always, always remember that no matter what I do, I do it because I chose to. And you have the choice to do good too.




n./dʒə̀kstəpəzɪ́ʃən/  is the placement of two things (usually abstract concepts, though it can refer to physical objects) near each other. xx


Have you ever been juxtaposed? Have you ever been placed to something, or someone so near you could almost feel their reach?

Well, you get the gist.

Quite some time now, I haven’t written a single post in a few months. And oh boy, that uncontrollable urge to write is strong. I’d write a few Haiku’s here and there. A few poems and essays, scribbles and doodles on my notebook. But nothing beats like the sound of keys being pressed and thoughts being scrambled. That kind of Euphoria, I missed that.

My friends and I talk about probably everything under the cemented roof, the umbrellas, just about everywhere I could thought of. It then comes to a point of me thinking about it on the way home. Some things I remember, some things I’d easily forget. But most of the time, we talk about the happiness we so desire. Ambitions, families, food, love. Then of course they’re in random order there. The thing is, simple things matter most. And I guess, they’re the ones worth waiting for. And these things don’t come so often in our lives. They change us almost entirely. When you’re juxtaposed to something you’ve always wanted, of course, you’re just waiting for something. Not a miracle perhaps, but just, something.

College life isn’t easy. Never was. We’re now in our sophomore year, and taking each day at a time. Slowly, yet surely. Learning life lessons along the way, saying that no matter happens, things will eventually go your way. Two more years, we always say, two more painful, yet worthwhile years, I bet. Someday, someday, we’ll catch that dreams of ours. The ones we’ve always been dreaming of, the ones we go to sleep at night contemplating about what we truly want, when then all along, we’ve already figured out how. If we know the Way, if we trust the Way, of course, never doubt Who’s on your side.

safe and sound


The Philippines, specifically in Cebu, has been struck by a massive earthquake at more or less, 11:49am. It was such a scary experience. Minutes before the incident, we were at the canteen, waiting for our two friends, and quietly chatting, texting and just staring to plain space. Then suddenly, the ground moved, and the roof kinda shook. It was scary. I remember, my friends and I hurriedly went into the open field. A minute after, we were still shaking. It was an unforgettable experience. We quickly went home soon after. I will never, in a million years, forget this. It was those moments when you can just imagine how you’d save yourself from everything, then you’d think of the bad and terrible things human beings had done that led to this. It was sad. A sad and painful reality. Now that a million other people and I are all calm, I’d like to post a post.

I think we all realize how small we are in this universe, in this, vast, wide or any adjective you can think of. It is when we unite. It is the time when we forget our faults and care for each other. Won’t that be a scene? I mean, as I hurried home, I felt my heart would fall out, my head would explode from nervousness, but that was hours ago. Today, I am calm. I am safe and sound. Let’s all trust God guys. Before I’d go eat my dinner because I am still a little freaked out, I just wanna say that basing from my facebook status, I had written that “now that God has caught our attention…” I couldn’t continue. It was something each person must fill. Something’s can’t be explained through science, guys. Let’s be practical. Faith is more powerful. Let’s trust God. And we’ll be alright, we will always be.