Long enough

Seven years

Eighty-four months

Two thousand and twenty days

Long have I waited

For something that never came

Oh well, I said to myself

Good things come to those who wait

I waited long enough

Months have passed

Things have changed

You and I, evolved

I couldn’t find the word to describe us both

But I have found three pairs of them

A has been

A never was

A not anymore


Attractions and Repulsions

like magnets
sometimes we never separate
going where the other does
an unexplained pull
drawn towards each other
sometimes we repel
like a wall between us
i wonder
will we stay like magnets


Down down

Feels like drowning

Early morning

Thoughts backfiring

If it wasn’t for the sleepless nights

I’d be waiting endlessly

Now I know how

To stop and let this go

Let this go

Let this