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La Belle Aurore Bookshop

A corner in the busy streets of Hernan Cortes, Mandaue City lies a little piece of heaven called La Belle Aurore. It’s a tiny bookshop selling inexpensive books. But you can also stay and read until your heart gives out. Actually, I forgot how I got the idea of this bookshop. But I remember the first time I visited, it was not so long ago, with my friend, Jamaica. It was our vacant time at school and had nothing to do, why not check this place out? And so we did. Yesterday, we went there again. This time, together with Lala. I bought 5 books, and Lala bought one. We are happy kids.


Personally, the first time you enter a place like this, you never forget. At least for me. The smell of old books, and the French background music, with the lights and the atmosphere that could send chills in your spine. But that’s just how it feels like for me.

Lala and Jam’s happy faces. Oh the love for books is contagious!

I’ve realized that in this generation of iPads and iPhones, we should definitely learn to love books. I think it’s a way of reminiscing fragments of history, or even for the fun of it. Books open our eyes in ways that playing 2fuse or Temple Run can’t match. There’s that flick of emotion that is unique to every single of us, and yet, it connects people throughout the world. And also, you get to know new words and enrich your imagination.

The look of happiness. :)
The look of happiness. 🙂

If you’re in Cebu, and you’re a booklover, why not check this place out? The place is a hidden from the highways so don’t be afraid to ask questions here, or ask the people in the vicinity of that area. And if you’ve visited the place, do comment your experience and let’s reminisce together!

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