Insane isn’t the word

The world becomes a better place with them in it.

Insane isn’t the word to describe these people. It’s definitely something worse than that. I get to spend every day with these freaks. And what a crazy time we had. We call ourselves, the “Cornettes”, originally because we love to eat ice cream. Not every day though. That’ll kill us, and our wallets too. The thing is, I met these people two years ago, and my life has been changed, forever. (L-R Jes, Shan, Lala, Myself, Pat, Max, Jam, Jane) And did I mention how different our personalities are? One is the bubbly type, indie type, school girl, the-one-who-always-does-trouble, the girly one, and the list goes on… I mean really, a day could burn a lot of calories for us. Talking, laughing, talking, singing, laughing, talking, eating, eating, eating. Well that’s our routine. Insert “stu-dying” there too, because we’re awesome.

Girls like these are for keeps. We stood the test of time, we held on to each other through thick and thin, and I feel blessed to have girlfriends. College life wouldn’t be this fun and bearable without these little troublemakers. I learned a lot from them, good or bad, tricks and skills, lessons I’d definitely remember. Today we worked on a “supposed to be” a week’s project, but we finished it in one day. Stress, hunger and all those weird hormones, we were kind of tired, but we held on to each other. The day ended in laughter and relief, thank God. We finished the project. That just proved we’re also great procrastinators, but seriously, and I say this with whole-heartedness, they gave me sunshine. Rays and rays of sunshine. My life’s a brighter place with them in it.

This is what eating fruits at ten in the evening do to me.

And because of that, I’d like to encourage everyone to thank their friends, for their never-ending pats in the back, their endless smiles and laughters, no matter how hard the challenges in life are, they’re with you. They are and they will always be.



joie de vivre

joie de vivre – n. a feeling of happiness and enjoyment in life.

And I gotta say, I am back!

After weeks and weeks of no-show, I am definitely back. And staying. This summer is my most productive one, yet. I just recently sent my latest audio file that I just started this morning. I had gone to the municipal office to register myself, because yes, I am eighteen,  and am allowed to vote. I am currently, well, writing an interesting, worthy-to-be-read story. So, everything summed up is quite good! And a lot busier, to add. A week ago, my sister, my sister’s friends and I went to this enchanting island, Malapascua Island. Still in Cebu. A 30 minute boat ride from Cebu, specifically. It was amazing. My two day hiatus was complete. I definitely needed that one. And to be with the sea is just breathtaking. It was just so cool and refreshing. But of course, I had some scary thoughts about me drowning at sea. But it’s all okay now. Because I am here, in the house, typing all these. I need to post some pictures of my two-week off-of-wordpress experience. Well, I also feel so eighteen. I mean, taking responsibilities really seriously and prioritizing all the good things in life. So, is this what it really feels like? Man, I don’t know. But I sure will find out soon. Then again, school’s going to commence soon. So, I need to get a move on.

Oh, and I watched The Avengers like four weeks ago. So, um. It was awesome.

cheers to the years


Image ImageImage


I have lived for eighteen years! That’s 216 months, 936 weeks, 6530 days! If my calculations are correct, then I am full grown lady. But, maybe not quite. Can you believe that? For eighteen years, I have been existing in this world. And wondering/thinking most of the time. These are some of the photos during my birthday at the beach.

I’ll be back later!

Summer once more

*hachu!* Okay, sorry for that. I’m a “little” sick today. *hachu!* Well actually I’m sick. This was the effect of our event yesterday. We had our Acquaintance Party at the beach and we are all crazy. Of course, IT WAS HOT. I mean, literally, we are totally frustrated of the weather. The sun just shone so brightly we were again, literally, jumping or screaming because of hotness. And yes because it was a “party”, we had games and stuff. Not all people enjoyed it because of the weather. Damn you weather. But then again, after a few hours of excruciating pain and complains, we had lunch. Thank God. So after that, we went to the pool, took pictures, laughed like crazy, swam and took over the slide like a boss. But a few minutes after, thinking I now look like charcoal, I got off the pool and dried myself. When it was 2, then we all started to have fun, and yes, fun it was. Too bad I had to go home early because of personal obligations. But all in all, it was a slammin’ party. It was summer once more.

I could really use a wish right now

Ok, I admit it. I miss my friends. Looking at our pictures just makes me miss them even more. But who cares right?

So these are my friends, I miss them, but I’m gonna see them soon.

Awwwe, good old’ days. Not really old, but I know we’re gonna be closer than ever this year. This is gonna be our last together. And it makes me so sad. I have lots of friends, erm, ( does that make me friendly?) anyway, i have lots of friends, but there are just few who makes my world a happier. They are really my friends. I love them. And I cannot, i repeat, cannot live without them. I’ve experienced maybe everything with them, talk just about anything and laugh really hard. Sheesh, I realized this is cheesy. Oh who cares. We all have friends who makes us cry and laugh at the same time right? When everyone else are just minding their own business, we gather around and giggle like little babies. Aww.