So basically we just Skype all day.

But I’m kidding. Wink wink

Our internship life is awesome.

So this is us, saying hi.

PS: I’m the one on the middle.



The Internship

Oh god, it’s been forever since I’ve felt totally worry-less. It’s still a month since I started working, but now I’ve realized how hard it is to go to work everyday. Well, technically, it’s not “work”, it’s an internship. But come on, it’s the same thing. Fortunately, I work for a publishing company, which is amazing. Ever since I turned 16 and never had a clue about what life was, I was introduced to books, and now I’m a lover of one. This internship experience doesn’t only give me a sense of what it’s like to work in the real world, but I also knew what a publishing company’s about, like who works what, and it’s basic process. Fortunately, again, I’m working with my two girlfriends. So every day is less boring and less crazy for me. I do interviews and phone interviews with applicants, which is extremely fascinating since I love to ask questions. But sometimes it’s quite hard since you have to ask really on-point questions, you know? But me, I just like knowing people. It’s still a month, but I’ve come across quite a range of character of people since. It’s interesting because of course people will always give you answers that you want, you know, like positive answers, being hardworking blah blah but the way they genuinely talk about their interests and their life makes it more wonderful to listen to.


But seriously though. This is July. Rewinding back to June when I had no freaking idea what to do? I mean I know which department I’m in, I’m not the dumbest person in the world. But seriously. I freaked out. Like, what is air, what is book, how do i walk? i look so ugly in my uniform!! what do i do with these papers? i forgot my name.. wait what? what if i screw this up? they’re going to fire me, oh my god help me lord. i have to look for another company.. They’re staring at me. What to do? I can’t breathe.. Why are we the only ones having a uniform.. dammit. Who are these people? DO I SHAKE THEIR HAND? ugh but but.. okay fine. Just things like that. But time went on, and my shameless and nonsense worries disappeared one by one. Of course I need more than a month to complete this 200 hours, and the duties are going to get tougher, but I’m not actually worried anymore. Fingers crossed.


Now, as for my normal life schedule. *cracks knuckles* I leave the house at 6:30am and arrive back at 10pm or 10:30pm. Normal, right? Plus, I have to do this thing where I brush my teeth and change bed clothes and basically 20 minutes of being a normal person. And since school’s just starting, I’m not obligated to run through my notes for next meeting’s class.

screen-shot-2014-02-24-at-9-48-21-pmI sometimes get the craziest cravings sometimes. You see, the company is located inside a mall. So you know, dimsum here, pizza there, pasta, waffles, fries, ice cream, cakes!!! UGH. Okay. But I have to control myself, cause I might have to walk home if I give in to my urges. But a couple of yummy treats once in a while wouldn’t hurt. Wink Wink

So welcome to my internship experience. Hoping everything would go smooth from here on out.



I visited my alma mater today. My niece has swimming lessons there. And while she was learning the basics, I went to revisit our good ol’ building. It was weird, why was I nervous to enter an empty building? I felt giddy and nostalgic, mixed with a tinge of regret. Of course I loved my high school life. It was amazing how the years went by, and I really thought my HS life went by a blur, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not.


I walked down the hallway and entered each classroom. Dust and the old smell of notebooks made me sneeze a little bit. It’s as if I wasn’t alone in that room though, I imagined myself feeling frustrated because my classmates weren’t listening to my announcements (I was one of the officers then), or I was laughing so hard I was crying because my friends were nestled closely telling a joke, no, demonstrating a joke, or sometimes, I was merely sleepy or tired that I shut out the world and ignore my friends’ chattering.


I had so many crazy times. I remember running around a campus because of a race I bravely joined despite the pouring rain, or the madness when we had our cooking festival, all the raw vegetables were rolling down and we were eyeing if anybody saw it. I remember when I felt so worried if I got permission to join a leadership training outside Cebu, hoping that my parents would permit me. I remember feeling nauseous, anxious and excited when I joined a beauty pageant once, when I have no freaking idea why. I just did. I remember that when my friends and I went to the cafeteria for snacks, we always, always walked so slow. We knew that fact, but still kept walking as if time never went by. I also remember that we had our annual religious procession at school, and we were assisting as officers, it was so dark out. It was fascinating to see the building empty at night. Camping with the girls, ghost stories, love stories, retreats, everything we had to experience at school meant something, maybe we rolled our eyes to the advice our peers or teachers tell us, but its effect will always last. I remember, at graduation day, my closest friends and I huddled together, talking, clueless about the next stage of our lives. I was reminded of the thought of what was once yesterday. Seven years was a long time. One of my fondest memories was where I sat in the rooms. I remembered where I sat up until now. Maybe it had some significance or something, but I know God put me there for a reason. I just know it. As I walked in our hallways, I reached my third year classroom (grade 9), and smiled. For three years I had been classmates with these people, but it was in this specific year that we established to be a group, a team, a family. I don’t know how it happened, it just did.


It’s been almost four years since we graduated. But the distinct smell of high school remained. It’s as if we never left. Things change, that I’m sure of. But I always knew that when I found true gems in my life, I’m sure I’d never let them go.

4:51pm // SRCDS Grounds

Temporary High

A night I’ll never forget.

You just jump and sing along.


The university organized an event slash concert last Friday, November 22,2013. It featured local bands and dj’s from Cebu and the proceeds will go to the victims from the typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Well, I can’t say I had expectations, this was my first “U-NITE”  (we called it that) so I definitely heard of cool stuff about this event. I wasn’t disappointed. It was kinda boring at first, I mean, it’s still 7pm, people are still piling up and stuff. And then boom. The crowd was crazy. Sweat, small water cannons and other foul odors were present, thank you very much. But we didn’t mind, of course this was the place were everything was just ignored and you just tune in and jump and dance and scream and have fun. And we went home with happy places plastered on our faces. Cheers.


Low Manipulation of Antecedent Conditions

There, I just released by inner geek. By the power vested in me by the  book that I have read these past few days, Low Manipulation of Antecedent Conditions would simply mean letting things happen as they will. Simple as that. I know it’s quite confusing, because believe me it took two days for me to understand this, but our professor had so much fun discussing this, so finally we understood the topic. Really, it’s just a very technical term used in the Psychology field. It literally means that when we, researchers, do research activities, we sometimes manipulate and control the conditions to which the participants would be tested, to describe and gather reliable data. (Wow, did I just explain our subject topic?)

Anyways, the truth behind this post is that if we just let things unfold in their own way, maybe we won’t have to worry. I knew that over thinking leads to something else, and I know that we’re just humans too. We can’t help the fact that wishing everything was just as magical as it is would last forever, but of course, in the real world, it’s not. It’s much harder, and that’s why we just have to let things be.



n./dʒə̀kstəpəzɪ́ʃən/  is the placement of two things (usually abstract concepts, though it can refer to physical objects) near each other. xx


Have you ever been juxtaposed? Have you ever been placed to something, or someone so near you could almost feel their reach?

Well, you get the gist.

Quite some time now, I haven’t written a single post in a few months. And oh boy, that uncontrollable urge to write is strong. I’d write a few Haiku’s here and there. A few poems and essays, scribbles and doodles on my notebook. But nothing beats like the sound of keys being pressed and thoughts being scrambled. That kind of Euphoria, I missed that.

My friends and I talk about probably everything under the cemented roof, the umbrellas, just about everywhere I could thought of. It then comes to a point of me thinking about it on the way home. Some things I remember, some things I’d easily forget. But most of the time, we talk about the happiness we so desire. Ambitions, families, food, love. Then of course they’re in random order there. The thing is, simple things matter most. And I guess, they’re the ones worth waiting for. And these things don’t come so often in our lives. They change us almost entirely. When you’re juxtaposed to something you’ve always wanted, of course, you’re just waiting for something. Not a miracle perhaps, but just, something.

College life isn’t easy. Never was. We’re now in our sophomore year, and taking each day at a time. Slowly, yet surely. Learning life lessons along the way, saying that no matter happens, things will eventually go your way. Two more years, we always say, two more painful, yet worthwhile years, I bet. Someday, someday, we’ll catch that dreams of ours. The ones we’ve always been dreaming of, the ones we go to sleep at night contemplating about what we truly want, when then all along, we’ve already figured out how. If we know the Way, if we trust the Way, of course, never doubt Who’s on your side.

August and Everything in Between

How long has it been? Two months?

That wasn’t so long, was it?

Days after classes skyrocketed, I temporarily found myself restless and yet at the same time, trying my hardest to study. The space bar key from the keyboard got broken, so it was no blog time for me. It was too complicated if I had to use the on screen keyboard. Anyway, enough of techie stuff. Things are quite good this time. I study more than the usual, because I thought of the craziest things like, failing a subject perhaps. I meant I’m not actually in the brink of failing, but I’d like to aim higher, you know?

Acquaintances – well, they’re still there. No matter how long you haven’t talked, seen, heard from, chances are, they’re always there. And that’s the good thing. We reunite once in a while, to de-stress ourselves and share the good and bad news of school, family and life. My friends and I seldom hang out these days, you see, it’s currently the midterm week, or shall I say, hell week. It’s not practically as difficult as you can imagine. It’s not sleeping at 5 in the morning, or drinking 10 cups of coffee. It’s just something, I think, that quite agitates from our normal routine of indiligence, laziness, and that feeling of no-exam-sleep-early thing. Oh well, life takes it’s twists and turns as they say. And took they did. During my classes, I learned a lot from my professors. And slept too. But that’s probably a balanced thing, right? Occassionally, I get the irritable feeling. Sometimes I’d get annoyed by some people, even friends, at times. But they’ll disappear just as they appeared– quickly. My health is also making a checklist out of my body’s lifestyle. I’d get aches and colds and eye pains sometimes. But then it’d disappear just like my emotional anger. Life’s making me a “proper” individual. Taking on political stuff like I never did before, but then on the other side, I would rather focus on my own set of problems other than my own. For instance, the RH bill debate. To be or not to be passed? (I’ll write a whole new blog about this.) Personally, I think, people’s opinions regarding this almost-passed-but-not-yet-because-people-are-indecisive thing isn’t really something to be shyed to. This is our country anyway, we should make our own amends and decide on the things which are for the common good. Filipinos are both intellectual and emotional, and we can’t make a decision based on laws and duties. Which is a good thing, by the way.

Enough of that semi-shallow opinion about the RH bill. There are lot of things going on in the country, in the world. Oh, talk about the London Olympics! And my midterm grades. Oh, the irony. I still have a lot of things to talk about, but then I’ll blog about them individually. Everything that happened in August and everything in between will be flashed in your monitors in just a few minutes of dinner break.

No. seriously. In a few minutes.