Siargao Island 2017

Our respective jobs has made us coffee-dependents, email junkies, and nocturnal creatures. Staring at those computer screens all day, answering a gazillion emails, and plainly succumbing to being a corporate slave. But of course, all work and no play makes us cranky and moody, and so the holy threenity (composed of me, my lovely friends Jessa Dungog & Gaila Vivares) decided it’s time to get out of our comfort zone and explore the waves of Siargao 🌊. It was one of the best trips I had so far and I will definitely be going back again! It was also one of the first few trips that I have been on without any family member. So hello to that!!

So to begin, Siargao Island is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte.  Siargao Island is greatly influenced by the winds and currents coming uninterrupted from the Pacific Ocean, intensified by the Mindanao current running westward through the Siargao Strait, which is why I guess the waves are so imminent.

Siargao is also the surfing capital of the Philippines!!!

So to fast forward, we booked a flight to Surigao City from Cebu, and from Surigao, we hopped on a ferry to Siargao Island. We were so giddy and excited and nervous and just all around stoked about the experience. We’ve never been to this place before and we’ve done just a little research about it. We haven’t booked any hotels yet (since most require 3N, 4D stays), so we just wanted to try our luck. We were kinda scared at first because what if there would be no hotels there?!?! Right? But we are fearless nomad princess warriors. So, what could go wrong?


A quick shot at the airport before leaving! @Mactan Airport, Cebu around 8:30AM (L-R Me, Lala, Jessa)
And touchdown, Surigao Airport!!!!

When we first arrived, we saw that the airport/city was still a bit in maintenance since an earthquake occurred a month ago (we were a little apprehensive if we’d go through our trip, but who could stop these giddy girls right?)

Anyway, when we arrived, we rode a tricycle and had a quick munch in a local carenderia. We didn’t take pictures at this instant because we were s t a r v i n g. Haha, then we rode a small fast craft in the early afternoon en route to the zen island of Siargao! Slept for a few minutes and then woke up to the shaking of the boat (not a boat person, btw) and noticed it was raining. Went back to sleeeeeep. Woke up around 2 and voila! We are here!!!!!!!

Thankfully, there were a lot of resorts around, some are fancy, some affordable. We went around and found the perfect place. Perfect since it was directly the boardwalk outside and we can hear the waves just calling us already. So we booked Keso Resort for 2 nights and rested for 5 minutes to check on our things and take pictures. You know, for their instagram/snapchat. (i uninstalled mine a long time because phone issues). SO! Shall we get to main course? The BEACH!!!

View outside the room
i have a funny story about these beds
veranda slash dining area slash billiard area
taken around 6am (very sleepy)
Whistling trees, endless clouds

Ah yes, Wish i could live here…..

We had our activities planned our for our entire stay while we were swimming. No pictures this time. We just enjoyed the beach to ourselves!!!!!!!!!!! PARADISE!


I feel like i own this island! lol
The famous boardwalk!
Coconut trees, orange skies
sexy back?
some essentials: a small bag for our phones, underwater camera, sunglasses, sunblock were already applied on our faces


I feel like listening to all the Aviicii songs already! Hahahaha, after walking around (phone-less and camera-less since we had them charging the room, we just realized how beautiful this place is. And how untouched, how un-commercialized it is. Crossed fingers it will stay that way please.

It’s such a breather not seeing buildings and cars and buses and people wearing those blazers and not to think about work for a short time. It’s definitely a good feeling. Realizing we’re not getting any younger, we talked about our plans in the future, our personal lives and how we want to be remembered by when someone asks us, hey do you know her? Funny how strange and mysterious things happen to us in unexpected ways, we don’t argue, but we go with through it and hope it takes us somewhere beautiful. And here we are. With my friends. On the paradise that we call Siargao! Must come back here the soonest! So after the chitchat, we checked a few places we could have dinner in, and sadly, the thing about Siargao is, since it’s a very secluded area, you’d have to rend a motorcyle/tricycle to go around the area. It was around 6pm and the nearest restaurant we could find was at the nearby resort. We would’ve wanted to try something local. Lesson learned. We also wanted to sleep early since we were exhausted from the trip and from all the squealing and fan girling of the beautiful paradise. Planning to wake up at 5:30am since we booked surfing lessons at 6! Talk about balance, goodluck to me!

we had individual instructors, each with a “unique” personality
awkward smiles, ladies!!

Our surfing lessons were at 500/head for an hour and boy, it did not disappoint!!! My friends and I took on the challenge and learned the basics on the shores before wandering off and taking the waves. Damn, it seemed so easy on the sand, but when we were on the sea, it was a bit hard. But that’s for the first 15 minutes (char). I got the hang of it after and surfed like a maniac. But Jess and Lala were the fast-learners for this, clap clap! I was the last to master this. Huhu, is it because of my huge thighs?

kuya instructors! wacky na dayon
(L-R Jessa, koya “nice one bebeh”, me, “koya pusong bato”, lala, “koya maui from moana”

They also had an option of someone taking videos and photos of us when we surfed and most of the bloopers we had. I think it was 500 as well. I forgot. Speaking of bloopers! We had a lot of videos. More on that later!

Hurrah! I finally know how to surf. *brags to friends bah! do u know how to surf? i know!!! and then *panics because i have a memory of a clownfish

Anyway, we were famished!!! We ate our scrumptious lovely breakfast prepared by Keso staff. We had the same order because that’s what girlfriends are for, right? Duh.

breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast w butter, fresh tomatoes and coffee

Aaaaand my stomach just made a sound. I’m hungry just by looking at this yummy perfection. *meow

One of the Keso staffed approached us and said that we needed to go since someone already reserved the room for the day?! sorry i was a bit confused about this part because we were a bit frustrated why they didn’t tell us ahead of time. Good thing we paid in half. So, we bid the resort goodbye and transferred to the resort next to it, Boardwalk, a bit more pricey but definitely worth it.

Boardwalk resort, hello!
Lunch ng mga titas of cebu
chicken and fiiish teriyaki yum
“lala, smile kay picture.” *smiles “picturi pd ko bi.”
the trees could just go on and on and on and on

Soooooo, to continue our adventure, we rented the koya tricycle that helped us two days ago to accommodate us to our island hopping! It was his banka (boat) and we negotiate to and fro, got a cool rate of 1500/3 islands! It was a bargain and a match made in Siargao. We had the boat and the whole afternoon to ourselves. Awe-some!

koya tricycle drivier
me doing the derp because why not
at the Boardwalk
asa man jud ang insik, tisay ug morena ani?

I apologize in advance because I forgot the names of the exact islands we were into, but they were (Daku Island, Naked Island and Guam Island). If i get it wrong in the next few photos, please let me know!!!! sorry i have the memory of a clownfish.


nawng bayas duha

One thing I was really thankful about this trip were my company, these two brats. Haha kidding. The trip was a delight because they made it feel like home. They are my friends when I was the happiest and they were with me when I was at my lowest. We got through the grey bits together too. Each one of us has a distinct trait that complements well with our little group, thank God. And by the way, I’m the clumsy-weird one. So, that’s that!!! Let’s get to these islands shall we?

sees the world through tiny rectangular eyes
who knows how to swim here? I dont!
who didn’t get the memo to wear sunglasses for this photo?
Naked Island!

So, the first island we explored was Naked Island.

NAKED ISLAND. We were wondering, why naked? Do we have to get naked to get in? Is it a nudist beach? noooooooo. Because the damn place is pure sand. PURE SAND. IMAGINE THE PURRFECTION. My photos dont do justice but believe me it’s a slice of paradise. Thank God it was sunny. It was a 15-20min boat ride from the island and we were pointing random islands and asking, “koya is this it? kani? mao ni? taka ka jes! (is this the island? how about that one? or that one? no? jes, stop pointing at random islands that’s not the right one” sorry i had to put it into verbatim because it was funny hahahaha time flies.

my exotic mermaids from Cebu
view from the back
no i was taking a photo of the island, not you

You might a little patch of grass but that’s it. There’s not hut, or cabin, or a tree (but i saw a plant) or anything! It’s bare naked. And there were such a few people there that we just said, to hell with it! and wore our bikinis. In Cebu, I usually don’t do that because we see judgy eyes not far away. But here, who cares?!?!?!?! YOLO right? lol.

Arriving at Guyam Island!
can we have more of that awkward poses jes? hahahaa lels
timed/untimed? life without a tripod sucks
run away with me, girl

GUYAM ISLAND. Now before we get to our funny story, you might expect a lot from this island before booking or flying out, like fast wifi, or spotless beaches, no crowds – you are wrong. Sometimes the “spotless” beaches you see on social media is fake. So many filters and adjustments, it just kinda disappoints people, don’t do that okay? Which is why, before flying out here, we really told ourselves not to expect too much. Well in fact, we didn’t expect anything. We just wanted to have fun and take time to waste a moment for a while, which made this trip memorable!

Now, on to our funny story. this island was as calm as a peach, there were a few cottages with families playing volleyball and some kids swimming. No sweat, we found a semi-secluded spot where we could just laugh our asses off because we ventured into an island hopping and we don’t know how to swim. Sounds cool, right? YES! So, we dove right in. And guess what? THE WAVES ARE STRONG. Not the kind of strong like lifts you up, but the kind that really washes you away from the shores like it brings you away from it. Not really sure how to explain in (i suck at explaining natural phenomena) but it seems like the waves would just suck you into the ocean and all the sands gets inside all the weird bits in your body. It was so funny. I was holding a 100 peso bill because we heard there was gonna be a fee for the island preservation or something. So all the while, I was holding it up, while we were swimming! Just imagine how funny and hard it was, we were laughing so much we just didnt care! The bill got wet and i just didn’t care anymore. We were having so much fun from the all the crazy-ness. Jessa took a video of it and we will never post the whole thing (with audio) because it would ruin us forever (me mostly because i was hysterical). Good times!!! When we were done swimming, we asked around if there were any fees, and guess what? no feees!!!!! So much for holding it up high, huh? I just put the bill on my lap and let it dry when we were on our way to the third island, Daku.

hi Daku Island!
lala going in deeeeep! awoo
jessa looking for some flyfish
oh just me, contemplating life underwater

DAKU ISLAND. Not sure why it was called daku but it wasn’t really big. HAHA! A lot of people were there though, we also paid 10-15 pesos each for the fee. A lot of people were there, swimming, dancing, singing their way through life. Whew, why can’t I earn money this way? Life is just better simplified. People insist in making it complicated. We enjoyed the waters and swam a bit deeper because we are brave women!! And there were also rented bancas so that we could just rest our arms when we get tired. It was around 4:30PM when we retreated back to the island and took a catnap.

surfboards for rent!
three pairs of happy feet!! *does penguin tap
can this get any better?

We strolled around the area, bought a few souvenirs for the folks back home (i didnt forget u guys come on) 🙂 This adventure would’ve never been possible without you. Hihihihi. Our trip has almost come to a close, and we were now thinking of coming back here. 3D2N ain’t enough, people. Believe me. So many things to do and sights to see, time flies fast here in Siargao!!!

We also talked to a couple of locals and felt really good that even by the simple livelihood they have here, they are happy people who are just chill and want peace out here.



We would’ve loved to stay here for a couple more daysssss, but our corporate lives have to go on……. but definitely, definitely coming back!!!!

So far this has been, and i have mentioned this to my other friends a million times, one of the best trips of my life, because it was such a beautiful paradise, and I spent quality time with my girlfriends. Need I say more?

at the break of dawn, see you soon Siargao!
Surigao Plaza by day!!
1 Chowfan please!
Tanned na sila oh
Bastie’s Cafe


miming minion from Surigao saying byebye
endorser ng CebuPac eh

Two hours before our flight, we stayed in the nearby cafe, Basti’s for brunch and coffee before boarding and going back to our surf-less lives in Cebu. Love u Cebu, still!


Sorry if most of the photos aren’t in great quality, though. Sometimes, our eyes see things more clearly than captured photographs! Hahahaha, just making an excuse here.

But seriously, Siargao is one for the books! A paradise.

Here’s a video-montage of our Siargao stay! Definitely coming back! 🙂 🌊


to more adventures and pure fun!




I’ve been making bold career decisions lately,  and it has been such a crazy ride for me. This is my first job, the one I literally panicked for, the one I said, ‘I really wanna stay here and grow.’, the one I visualized myself walking in the lobby being all smug. But what happened?


It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when I just didn’t give a fvck anymore. I’m sorry for the swear word, but it’s true. It’s just always going to be one of the moments when you say to yourself, ‘oh, this moment will pass. This is just one of those weak days.’ A day turns into a week, a week into a month, and after almost two years — 80% of what I learned was because I observe, I read, I listen. My first day was as clear as I remember, me being pushed doing tasks I wasn’t even given training for. But that’s not the point.

When people will read this, they’ll think, ‘oh, she’s just a newbie. She doesn’t know anything about the struggles of working. She’s just being selfish.’ Am I? Well maybe I am. I am, because I know what I am capable of, and I am so much capable of doing much more rather than memorizing the answer keys and giving out exam instructions everyday for the past two years. The. Same. Old. Instructions. For. Almost. Two. Years. I know I sound frustrated, but I guess I have the right to be. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, and as an eager noobie who wants to suck the marrow out of life before it’s too late, yes, I want to explore, and challenge myself to go through hell and back, as long as it’s worth the ride. But now? I don’t even want to get out of bed anymore.

It sucks, because I love the people here. I love working with these active, funny and passionate people. And they are one of the biggest reasons I stayed. I stayed because I want to believe that there is something for me out here, something special, something else, but I guess it’s not enough. It has been one of the toughest weeks of my life, my mind thinking of infinite possibilities of what utter chaos would happen if I choose to leave. But I need to. I need to. I’m done waiting.

People will always leave, that’s just a fact of life. People come, people go.

But wherever we are in this Earth, we will look at the same moon.

The year that was 2016

I had quite the moment gathering these photos for this post. I like taking photos of the places I’ve been in (some even ugly photos), but still, the beauty remains. It makes me feel like I left a part of my soul in these places. Would that mean I’ve got little left? *shrugs

I’ve taken photos of sunrises and sunsets of the ocean, dusks and dawn, concerts where I sang, nope, screamed, at the top of my lungs, mountain highlands in Bacolod and we went there while it was raining, skyscrapers in Singapore, ancient mansions in Silay, museums in Cebu, parks and playgrounds the city, my alma mater that I visited because I was hoping to get another alumni ID since I lost mine, at the local restaurant where my family and I always eat lunch or dinner (great food by the way), beach house in Catmon where almost everyone got drunk (except me), fireworks in Sinulog because we all know Cebu parties the best, the tranquil ocean in Dumanjug where my sister and I spent a night in my uncle’s rest house and I was pretty sure I slept like a baby, the pool house in Talisay where the office spent the Christmas party together and intact because a few months everything changed, the beach front where my friends’ stopped for a while and admired the afternoon sun along with our selfies (haha), the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing church where my cousin got married in, because you can never take enough photos of aesthetically pleasing places am I right am I right, BadBoyWingz where my office mates and I devoured chicken wings, we didn’t even order much because it was a bit pricey, but damn that place has some nice light fixtures, one of the family favorites and one of my so-so likes – Papa Kits Fishing Lagoon in Lilo-an, where we spend random Sundays fishing, swimming, wall-climbing, eating, swimming, some more eating, drinking coffee – yes, in that order.

It has been a hell of a year, all the emotional turmoil, mixed with joy and disappointments. I don’t know about you but it has been a productive year. On some days I have cried my eyes out for the things I wished I would’ve done, or things I would’ve changed. But on some days, I feel like a sunshine radiating on everyone and asking if they’ve had enough scoops on their ice cream. I’ve had my fair share of ROFL-ing and LOL-ing, and I’ve come to realize that this year has been entirely about me taking risks and letting go, because damn it, I am twenty-two, and it’s about time I live my life the way I want it. That being said, I have understood my family better, why they do this, why my parents sometimes don’t allow me to hang out, why my sisters are overprotective (sometimes), the way things work – taxes, paying bills, grieving, hopelessly moving on from something that has never even started, babies, death, more babies, the glitzy politics of work, and the idea that there can never be too much love for another human being, because sometimes, it all just falls into place.

I have grown a deeper sense of appreciation for art and music – because, simply put, they were there for me when I was not entirely myself. They made sure that I always put my feet on the ground, and remind me of who I am and what I value. I don’t know much about art and music, I just believe that they are there to disturb and comfort you in all aspects of life.

I know I still have so much more to discover about this so-called life and the intricacies of online shopping, but I hope 2017 will be as much adventure as 2016 has brought me.

There can never be too much of the places I’ll explore.
Happy Holidays!

About life in general

It’s been a pretty buzzing year for me so far, so many things have happened that unfortunately, I haven’t had the time yet to document to here. I know. Kill me. Good thing is, I’m here now! Yehey! But I’m not here to chitchat on how my life is. BTW, my life is okay.

Now that I’m 22 years of age, I’ve actually been learning a lot about friendships, work, love and the strings that connect everyone in this damn earth. But seriously though, who would’ve thought being 22 can mean so many things?

About friendships

I have a lot of friends. I have friends from high school, college, the ones I just randomly met, my workmates – yes, they’re my friends. And it’s a bit tough that at this “busy” schedule, I can spend quality time with them. The trick, you don’t have to. You don’t have to sacrifice every day of the week to be with them. I mean sure, you say you miss them and you promise to hang with them soon, but sometimes you just have to tell yourself, ‘they’re still my friends regardless if I hang out with them or not.’ Good point. However, there are times when you’ll just feel like you need their company from time to time. And that’s not a bad thing. I give my closest friends a call or two, and they’re good to go. One of the biggest things I’ve learned here is that you don’t have to have a hundred friends, you just have to have some decent ones you can bare yourself to. And I’m not saying that in a literal manner, but sharing your day with a friend can actually lighten the burden. Talking to a friend without any pretense or bullshit can be very beneficial for us psychologically. Like I said, I have a lot of friends, but right now, I can only trust with a few. I know that sounds very weird, maybe I did something bad? Not really. My perspectives on friendships have changed over time. And it will definitely change in the coming years. Why? Because all of us are growing old. We have jobs, we have priorities, and we are ever evolving. We might lose a friend or two in the next year, or we might gain a real one. We will never know. My closest friends and I see each other once in two weeks just to catch up in our daily lives, because let’s face it, sometimes we don’t even have time to chat on facebook anymore. We have dinner, drink coffee, and dig up all our hidden stories like word vomit. We also update ourselves about music, movies, books and art. Quite a fine evening, eh? But listen up, I also hang out with my other friends, yknow, just not as often as I hang out with the trinity. It’s okay not to be with a friend 24/7. It’s okay to reschedule. It’s okay to prioritize yourself. It’s okay. They’re your friends. They will understand. After all, that’s what friends are for. Atleast for the real ones. Point is, not all friendships will last. Times change. We evolve. We just need to hold on to the ones that hold on to us.

About love

Ha. What an epic roller coaster journey this year has been for me. The hurricane has passed and I am in the clear. I know I’ve kinda kept my mouth shut about these affairs, but there’s a reason why metaphors were constructed, right? I basically have known that someone for less than a year. Quite funny how fast time passed. From being strangers, to friends, to almosts, to strangers. Now I just laugh at myself at how silly and crazy I was at that time. Yes, I admit. I was kinda crazy, but I guess I needed to experience that. I needed to experience the thrill and the ruin to learn the difference between infatuation and love. But that wasn’t love. That was a spark. But a spark can ignite a wildfire. And a wildfire can burn down forests and turn them into ashes. But my God, I am a forest. I can be burned yet still grow. I can say that I’m standing well right now with both my feet on the ground, and I am happy, because I chose to be. Being aware with yourself and knowing the reality that everything is temporary is the greatest thing I’ve learned. Forever is such a cliche, vague word. And I’m not being bitter, I’m being real. People change their minds, and you have to accept that because no matter what happens, it’s their life. If they choose you, then they will make the conscious decision to do so, and not you consistently begging.My beating heart always has its ups and downs, that I am sure of, but right now, it’s doing mighty fine. Wink wink wink wink

About work

Oh damn, it’s the weekend. And I’m breaking my one rule, which is talking about work on weekends. But what the heck. I gotta take one for the team. Work is exhausting, dealing with people every day with different personalities and different attitudes is exhausting. But thing is, you have to face up, deal with your own business and do it like a pro. After all, this is work. We’re not talking about our personal lives here, so let’s set that aside and start doing some serious business. Sometimes it becomes so exhausting that I just go to our pantry and breathe for a bit. Like I need to get away from everyone for a bit. Have you ever felt that? One thing I’ve learned from one of our supervisors here, is that you need to bring your own sunshine. No matter how much people are trying to bring you down, or pressure you, do not move. Just do your thing. Focus on the really important things, and for me, that’s helping people land a job. That’s it. Simple as one two three. But at some times, it is definitely not simple, especially if your personal values are at stake. But in the industry, where there’s plenty of crazy people waiting to suck your blood, be the sunshine. Crack a joke. Don’t skip lunch. Hug a teammate. Eat chocolate. And if possible, go home on time. That’s my motto.

About being twenty two in general

Just don’t regret everything you do. You did those for a reason. Don’t keep looking back. Chin up and smile. Eat. Exercise. Live a little. Love a lot. Respect everyone without fail. Understand the reality of life. Understand yourself. God knows I try.

More than just a color

My curious three year old niece once asked me what my favorite color was. Without any hesitation, I answered “My favorite color is black.” She then flashed me a confused look on her face and asked, why? And I began to question myself too.

Aside from the fact that black looks good on everyone, I had nothing to reason myself with. And I don’t think I need to find one. But when my niece questioned me, I started to ask myself too. Not the guilty type of asking,  I just got curious.

I read a short article, I forget the site, that says black is the fusion of all the colors there are. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I thought that that idea was very beautiful. People tell me black is ugly because it isn’t colorful, but it is the most colorful shade there is in existence. We compare black to something negative, it has always been the stereotype in today’s society. Sometimes it is even imposed as dull, or boring. Oh well. Haha.

Every human being in this existence has different colors inside of us.

We are white when we are born. We are pure, innocent, naive, peaceful and guiltless. White symbolizes clarity, when we unearth the truth of our being.

We are blue when we are sad, hurt, pained. In the color blue, we find the comfort and tranquility. We are blue when we fly, elevated forty thousand feet above . clouds.

We are filled with passion in red. The desire and hunger for anything, knowledge, justice, love. The intense passion of anger, lust and love, the holy trinity of emotions. We are born red, we bleed. We fight for what is right, and in the end, we march on.

Finding solace in grey, we try to understand this life’s uncertainties, and the meaning of it all. When we are oblivious and doubtful of our decisions, when we stand in the middle of a war within ourselves, we are grey. Grey emits the smoke and fog to fill the void in our hearts. Sometimes it is not enough.

We are yellow when we are happy, exuding radiance in us. When the sunlight touches our skin, and it’s summertime and we forget all our problems for a moment. All the memories from our childhood is stored in the yellow in us.

Wandering creatures like us never miss out on the color green. Green is the color of nature. And when we feel adventurous, feeling like we could leave everything behind us, seeking for a better perspective of things, we are green.

A beautiful metaphor for life, colors present the very core of what we are made of, that we are all a sum of our parts, and we are worth more than the dust in this galaxy. Black stands for the irrevocable truth that we have so much inside of us, some might have more darkness, some with more light, but it doesn’t make it less beautiful.

Be true. Be hue.


But black is still my favorite color. 😉


That slurry feeling you get when you’re on the road, with the sun on your skin, the wind on your face, the road – open, full of possibilities. And you sit there, with your eyes closed. Aaaah, that’s the stuff.

I love roadtrips. North, south, east, heck, west. Give me the damn compass. Ever since I was little, I could remember daydreaming traveling in vast places. I would see myself as this travel blogger who would write about her travels and about the culture. Eventually, I made my dream come true. I made a blog, this one. However, the other dream, traveling, is still on the process.

I remember my family and I used to go to the beach whenever there’s a birthday or a family gathering, and yes, little and naive as I was back then, I considered that as a roadtrip. Gawd, was I the most excited kid when we went to the beach. There are actually two kinds of excitement, I realize. First is the one when you can’t stop jumping and you wake up hours before and you can’t stop talking about the damn roadtrip you’re about to take. I consider it as a more physical excitement. Patent pending. The other one, the one which I fall into, is the different kind of excitement when traveling. I keep my mouth shut, I widen my eyes, I absorb everything in, and sometimes I would say to myself, how is this even possible? A more spiritual excitement, I would say. When I travel, sometimes I don’t talk. People who have traveled with me, would know this, that I would just like to observe the places, and environment, inhale, exhale, and just experience everything. That’s just me.

My URL address is entitled, thatwandergirl, I would like to live up to that URL.

By the way, dear reader, when you are making a blog post, listen to Sigur Ros while doing it. It feels…. transcendent.

I’m not the type of person who makes new years resolutions because they usually don’t come into fruition. But I will make one this year, it is that when I travel, I will write about it, in the most simple way that I can. I will write about the place, the people, the environment, the feeling. As I’m getting older, crap, I realize that nothing will ever fill this thirst inside of me, than by traveling, may it be done alone, with family, with friends, or whoever. This is something I am deeply passionate about. It may be selfish to say, but dedicating this year’s resolution to travel is definitely worth it. Fingers crossed.

PS: Piano music will make you an instant poet

PPS: I’m kidding, or am I?


How can I start this off?

Oh yeah, I woke up to the terrible shaking of the earthquake at 8:12am. And we’re still experiencing aftershocks. We never could’ve anticipated this kind of emotional and physical damage. Good thing was, we weren’t harmed in any way (except for a scratch on dad’s ankle and some broken figurines). As I look around, I see the cats sleeping, Brownie the dog restless. That was literally my wake up call. Actually, when I woke up, I looked around and saw my sister and my niece in the bed, and panicked. I jolted down and went outside with my mom, praying, and my dad carrying my niece. My sisters then called and exchanged news. My aunt called from the city and told us that there were a lot of building damages. I have no words. (Ironic because I’ve just written more or less a hundred words)

In a span of 27 seconds, my world stopped, and yet I was shaking. I know God’s just trying to let us sort out our priorities. And sort we did. I never got a chance to grab anything, not even a pillow, or my phone. Never thought of anyone other than myself and my family. What horror must some people experience in earthquake-prone areas.

Fortunately, October 15 was a holiday so stampede is less likely to occur. Thank God. I often wonder the thoughts of the people who were frantically running for their lives. And my parents, who didn’t think twice to run back for us. It was just, crazy and amazing at the same time. I guess these things basically happen often to some places, but rarely to us.

Based from the radio news, the epicenter is located at Balilihan, Bohol. Bohol is another island adjacent to Cebu and an hour’s travel. The magnitude and intensity is 7.2 and 7, respectively. It is very unfortunate that many heritage sites, mostly more than a hundred years old, churches and some tourist spots are now in shambles. Now, we are still listening to the radio news, still in a bit of shock, still trembling…. and still alive, the best gift anyone could have.