n./dʒə̀kstəpəzɪ́ʃən/  is the placement of two things (usually abstract concepts, though it can refer to physical objects) near each other. xx


Have you ever been juxtaposed? Have you ever been placed to something, or someone so near you could almost feel their reach?

Well, you get the gist.

Quite some time now, I haven’t written a single post in a few months. And oh boy, that uncontrollable urge to write is strong. I’d write a few Haiku’s here and there. A few poems and essays, scribbles and doodles on my notebook. But nothing beats like the sound of keys being pressed and thoughts being scrambled. That kind of Euphoria, I missed that.

My friends and I talk about probably everything under the cemented roof, the umbrellas, just about everywhere I could thought of. It then comes to a point of me thinking about it on the way home. Some things I remember, some things I’d easily forget. But most of the time, we talk about the happiness we so desire. Ambitions, families, food, love. Then of course they’re in random order there. The thing is, simple things matter most. And I guess, they’re the ones worth waiting for. And these things don’t come so often in our lives. They change us almost entirely. When you’re juxtaposed to something you’ve always wanted, of course, you’re just waiting for something. Not a miracle perhaps, but just, something.

College life isn’t easy. Never was. We’re now in our sophomore year, and taking each day at a time. Slowly, yet surely. Learning life lessons along the way, saying that no matter happens, things will eventually go your way. Two more years, we always say, two more painful, yet worthwhile years, I bet. Someday, someday, we’ll catch that dreams of ours. The ones we’ve always been dreaming of, the ones we go to sleep at night contemplating about what we truly want, when then all along, we’ve already figured out how. If we know the Way, if we trust the Way, of course, never doubt Who’s on your side.


sweet disposition

It has been a whooping-insanely-epic seven years. Wow. It was such a long time ago since we were still in 5th grade. Last Saturday, my friends and I went to the mall to hang out and do stuff. And catch up. Since last time we saw each other was like last month, but thanks to social media, nothing felt different, or the same? We went through high school and all the awesomeness together. Some people say friends grow apart when it’s time for college. But, fortunately, with our tight bond, I think we went pretty alright. Life without these freaks would be devastating for me. God always knows everything. I honestly question myself, why them? And, well, even if I don’t have the exact answer, I pretty much trust it on Him. Now I exactly know why. These freaks are the best. Insert the others here ’cause they were busy playing games and doing other stuff. Hahaha. Cheers to the friendship!

cheers to the years


Image ImageImage


I have lived for eighteen years! That’s 216 months, 936 weeks, 6530 days! If my calculations are correct, then I am full grown lady. But, maybe not quite. Can you believe that? For eighteen years, I have been existing in this world. And wondering/thinking most of the time. These are some of the photos during my birthday at the beach.

I’ll be back later!

oh college

What can I say? College college college, is yes, awkward, is strange, is funny, is seriously difficult, is life-changing, is money-spending, food-tripping, wannabe-rockstar life. Ohkay, that explains a lot. Well does it? It’s been four weeks, I guess since I last remember I entered college, and it has been four productive yet freaky weeks. Still adjusting to the environment, and to the dust, I feel okay. Which is quite normal. We study every single day to lessons that aren’t really discussed. We eat lunch for 10 minutes. Because we are damn hungry. We walk and walk and talk and talk, but I still eat more. Friends are quite rare to find, but once you do, you turn bazerk. Well right now I have a bunch of friends, but originally there are just four of us, very different, and yes i say again, VERY DIFFERENT from each other, in a way or another, we all just jam and stay together, because that’s what we should do. College is somewhat a carnival, I guess, you get lost to the parade of food stalls available. Thirsty here, Zagu there.  Shawarma here, Waffletime there. Fries here, Chicken there. Donuts here, and I am there. Trying to resist the irresistible aroma of the foods mentioned. An irony it is, how I wanted to be a college student so bad, and now that I am one, well..I guess I can say I’m okay with it. Studying in USC is a precious opportunity, the facilities speak for themselves. The school truly holds its reputation. But some parts of it don’t. But over-all it’s quite okay. Soooooooo, being a Psychology student is very very interesting. Psychology itself is a wondrous course in our minds. How could I possibly know how reality evolves to ourselves? Our minds are like a big jigsaw puzzle. And a very complicated one to tell you. But very very interesting. Maybe it was a good choice for me to take up Psychology, mainly because being fascinated with people’s attitudes and gestures make it enough reason. But surprisingly, you don’t get to study life, or humans, or behavior, but you get to study yourself too. I often ask questions in my mind, about this and that. And it’s really nice knowing that these strange questions will be answered..soon. Like, when you swim for 5 hours straight, then after stopping, you still get to feel the waves in your body. Well how do you explain that? Haha, knowing our professor, interesting indeed. And cool. And awesome. That is why when I memorize terms or well, let’s just say it, “study”, I understand the lesson, not just merely memorizing word-for-word, which is exactly what I want. Enough about that, other subjects are nice too. But not as nice as Psychology. Math, English, Filipino, History, ReEd, PE, old ones still roam around in the world of college. Sociology and NSTP are new ones, and I’m still wondering what these two subject’s purpose is. To sum it all up, College maybe is just like high school, but now, you’re on your own. Everything will let you down, but you have nothing to lose. Oh College..

acquaintance 2010

This night was magical. Well, not meant literally I guess. I mean, it was a night full of fun and happiness. Of course, with friends. The evening or shall I say, the late afternoon started kind of boring, you know with the games and stuff, and a little awkward. But then as the night started, after everyone ate and took thousands of pictures of themselves looking stupid yet happy ( guilty ), the party had officially started. Songs were sang, dances were danced, pictures were taken and everyone, and this time I mean it literally, everyone started to jam all the way throughout the night! It was so much fun! I can’t really explain a lot right now, because maybe of my cold hands typing. Well, last year or the years before weren’t as fun as this years party. I just don’t why still. But I hope it was just the plain friendship that everyone maybe having that night. Everyone looked handsome and gorgeous. And as what they say, it was one night only. So, we had to give it all up and look stupid, with friends. There were a lot of priceless moments last night, which because of humiliation, I cannot post. Just bear with me. Anyways, as far as I go, for the last four years of me being a high school student, that day, that night, was by far, the best acquaintance party. It was not awkward. Well, maybe it was a little bit. But mostly, everyone was just having a really good time, having fun and doing everything as stupidly as possible. I hope it was theirs too. This would be our last year, but I hope this wouldn’t be our last party.

Wander Girl

I made that up. I just found that in a book. Sounds cool, I’m not a super woman. I’m just a wander girl. A girl who wanders around. I live in Cebu and I am Pinoy. Proud to be one. I love to eat. And that is a scientific fact. I am the youngest in our family and I happy to be one. I love the colors purple, green, pink, white and black. Or any color. I love to watch tv and surf the net until I feel like a zombie. I chat with my friends. I spend half of my summer life surfin the net. I enjoy looking at views. Sceneries I mean. I love photography. I love picture taking. I love my family. I love my friends. I love God. I like to look around and observe stuff. I love to hang out with anyone. Sometimes I’m shy. I just don’t know why. Someday, I want to be a chef. But that is not totally the only thing I wanna be. I like to fool around, though people think I’m serious. What?! I’m a weird person sometimes. I’m happy. Then I’m sad. Then I’m happy again. No one knows. I’m listening to the radio right now, and it’s currently playing Don’t Stop the Music. I love that song too. Anways,  I’m just a typical girl with big dreams. But still, I’m just a little woman who likes to spend her time wandering and wondering about a lot of things. I like to talk too. And I like to learn about interesting things. Oh! Here comes my nerd part again. I’m beginning to feel tired. Because I wrote all of these things in one day! Not that I’m angry, I’m just kind of overwhelmed by everything. I guess I have to go now. Ta ta!