That slurry feeling you get when you’re on the road, with the sun on your skin, the wind on your face, the road – open, full of possibilities. And you sit there, with your eyes closed. Aaaah, that’s the stuff.

I love roadtrips. North, south, east, heck, west. Give me the damn compass. Ever since I was little, I could remember daydreaming traveling in vast places. I would see myself as this travel blogger who would write about her travels and about the culture. Eventually, I made my dream come true. I made a blog, this one. However, the other dream, traveling, is still on the process.

I remember my family and I used to go to the beach whenever there’s a birthday or a family gathering, and yes, little and naive as I was back then, I considered that as a roadtrip. Gawd, was I the most excited kid when we went to the beach. There are actually two kinds of excitement, I realize. First is the one when you can’t stop jumping and you wake up hours before and you can’t stop talking about the damn roadtrip you’re about to take. I consider it as a more physical excitement. Patent pending. The other one, the one which I fall into, is the different kind of excitement when traveling. I keep my mouth shut, I widen my eyes, I absorb everything in, and sometimes I would say to myself, how is this even possible? A more spiritual excitement, I would say. When I travel, sometimesĀ I don’t talk. People who have traveled with me, would know this, that I would just like to observe the places, and environment, inhale, exhale, and just experience everything. That’s just me.

My URL address is entitled, thatwandergirl, I would like to live up to that URL.

By the way, dear reader, when you are making a blog post, listen to Sigur Ros while doing it. It feels…. transcendent.

I’m not the type of person who makes new years resolutions because they usually don’t come into fruition. But I will make one this year, it is that when I travel, I will write about it, in the most simple way that I can. I will write about the place, the people, the environment, the feeling. As I’m getting older, crap, I realize that nothing will ever fill this thirst inside of me, than by traveling, may it be done alone, with family, with friends, or whoever. This is something I am deeply passionate about. It may be selfish to say, but dedicating this year’s resolution to travel is definitely worth it. Fingers crossed.

PS: Piano music will make you an instant poet

PPS: I’m kidding, or am I?